Dear PennDOT

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Dear PennDot,

I recently visited beautiful Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh to be exact. It was a long trip, about 8 hours. We took I-80 for about 200 miles of the trip, and I have a question. When are you going to be done with the construction? I’ve been making this trip for almost 7 years now and I’m flabbergasted to see that it’s still not finished. What’s the problem here? Too much time on your hands? Too many employees? Not enough ideas on how to spend taxdollars?

It’s frustrating and annoying. Especially now that I have to toddlers joining me in the car. At least give us a billboard sign with some end goal you have in mind : “Thanks for taking I-80, we’re almost done! Another 10 years to go!” Then at least we can coax our kids, “hey by the time we go see Grandma during high school, we’ll get there in under a century!” Maybe a cd recording of what two toddlers sitting in traffic for 6 miles sounds like might help motivate you all.

Isn’t the point of your jobs to make us, the travelers, be able to enjoy driving through your state? All I ever think about when I get on I-80 is all the millions of other ways I should have gone that would take me off of state highways. And I often write aggravated letters to your supervisors in my head. The entire trip.

I especially love when its almost midnight, and you still have the left lane closed for six miles, which equals about a hundred hours of bumper to bumper traffic, then we get to the end of the 6 miles and there’s one worker doing the hokey pokey with a shovel. Seriously? Was it so incredibly pertinent to have Harry working at this hour? To shovel away some gravel? I mean, it’s not like he’s making a dent in all the work you’ve apparently got ahead of you. Not like Harry’s going to help move the construction along. I mean, you’ve been at it for 7 years now. Maybe it’s time to let Harry go. Move on, to other states to need your help. Like New Jersey. I’ve seen potholes so big in New Jersey, we sometimes drive our car right into one and get stuck, the whole car. So we take our vacation right there in the pothole, in New Jersey. We usually pack snacks, so it’s not so bad. I mean I’d rather drive to Jersey and get stuck in a pothole, than drive on perfectly paved roads in PA to sit stuck next to some trucker with scary tattoos for hours on end.

Anyway, think about it. I’m sure you could do mission work in some other states and write it off or something. In any case, enough already. Get a move on it.

A. Thimons

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