Darn you PennDOT

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Dear PennDOT,

I greatly despise you right now. Once again, I find myself forced into taking 81 to attend the wedding of the year with my family. Mr. Chubs is screaming so much that Pretty Princess is shushing him and throwing rosaries at his face.

Why do you hate me so? Where’s the love oh PennDOT? We’ve driven 5 miles in bumper to bumper traffic going 2 miles an hour. The most amazing thing of all is how you manage to create this much aggravation and annoyance by keeping only the left lane open…and there is absolutely NO construction going on at all!!!

I am taking the time right now to bite my toungue and refrain from typing what thoughts are truly going through my head about you right now. All I can say is when you have two babies in the car for 3 hours already and you have 3 more but your GPS adds on another 2 because of a beloved organization which seems to hate people actually using their roads…you get angry.

I asked Camera Guy what does PennDOT actually get paid to do? He told me “make traffic”. Enough said.

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