Fortune Cookies

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I love Chinese food! Especially on one of those "face fall into soup bowl" days. You know, days when you don’t want to get out of bed because you got out of bed constantly through out the night with a 2 year old who won’t sleep. Days when you have to change you outfit 30 times because you have been puked on, snotted on, peed on, pooped on, and covered in various other disgusting things that you’ve been switching your outfits quicker than Paris Hilton. (So that’s why I have so much laundry…….ah ha) Days when you think you’re giving yourself a break by bringing both munchkins to the mall, during lunchtime, in a double stroller that (of course you realize this once you arrive at the mall) has one seat missing. Days when the toddler decides to ram her finger down her brother’s throat specifically because you asked her not to. Or play with the toilet seat, or throw all the laundry all over the floor and then invite the dog to roll in it. Yes, ah. It is days like this when Chinese Food is most especially welcome.

Last night we had Chinese food, and we had our fortune cookies. This, perhaps, is indeed the most exciting part of the Chinese food meal. The superstitious cookie that gives us insight to our life. Since high school, I’ve always saved my fortunes. I don’t know, they’re always (weirdly) right on cue. Sometimes they make me laugh, sometimes they make me think. Either way its amusing to think about that wise old Chinese man who has to write all these little fortunes and stuff them in those cookies. What a cool job. Anyway, so last night our fortunes were, funny.

Camera Guy’s " Your career is moving more towards service to others." hmmmm (He has an interview on Friday)

Mine "Those who help are helped." (did they know it was a face fall into soup bowl day?)

and, the funniest one, and most poignant of all, Pretty Princess, "Cooperation will work better."
to which she promptly responded, "Um, no."
Say what you will, but the cookie doesn’t lie.

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