Did I really just say that!?

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  • "Please take your feet out of the macaroni!"
  • "No! We do not put our faces in the potty!"
  • "Food goes in our mouth, not on our face. Thank you."
  • "If you shove your finger down his throat one more time…"
  • "We do NOT sit on our baby brothers!!"
  • "You can ask Daddy for money when he gets home"
  • "If you stay in your bed tonight, Mommy will buy you ice cream tomorrow"
  • "Take that wine bottle out of your mouth right now! Wine is for Mommy."
  • "We wear panties on our tushies, not on our heads."
  • "Please, for the love, stop eating the wipes!"
  • "If you’re thirsty, just tell Mommy!!! We don’t drink from the dog dish!"
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