Trenches & Teeth

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Wow, it feels like forever since I was able to blog. Even right now, I’m typing with Mr. Chubs intermittently letting out whimpers from his playpen. It’s been a long haul, this 2 year molar thing. Seriously, its been 5 weeks already. Yep, you can bet I’m counting. This is crazy! I feel like these molars are never going to show. Of course, in my utter disbelief, I googled the matter (as any parent of 2010 would, so long Dr. Spock books!….hellooooo "google"!) and I was somewhat relieved to find out that apparently the 2 year molars have a bad, horrible reputation of being stubborn little fellas. At least I know that its them, not me. I was starting to panic as to why my once perfect sleeper of a daughter had suddenly begun to torment us by waking each night between 2am-4am screaming at the top of her lungs to no avail. 5 weeks of this behavior really begins to make you question everything you could have done wrong. Initially, I thought the problem was solved because it was potty training. Wrong. Then I was certain it was due to me expressing fear when we crossed a bridge, then I thought maybe by some mistake she may have been exposed to something scary on television, or that her bedroom was too dark, or that the crib was making her feel trapped, or that she had separation anxiety, or that she had a food allergy. But….. No. Teeth it is, and teeth it ever shall be. When she was laughing the other day, I caught a glimpse of what looked a little white puffiness near the back of her mouth, that paired with her interest in chewing on chairs, toy school buses, my knees & shoulders, her fingers and anything else…..confirms my discover that yes, indeed, my daughter is teething! Teething, I am firmly convinced, is the trenches of parenthood! Then again, as I contemplate it, pretty much anything beginning with the letter "T" in regards to child-rearing is the muck and gucky-ness of parenthood: tempertantrums, toilet training…..teenagers. I know it will pass, and in a few months I’ll hardly recall this time because of the fuzzy-mommy-brain syndrome. But right now, armed with Google, Fish Oil (did I mention, I discovered that Fish oil is working wonders in the teething department? Apparently it reduces inflammation) and lots of coffee….I’ll battle on in the trenches. Hopeful, to emerge victorious before I collapse from exhaustion. This too shall pass…..

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