Growing Like Weeds

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Lest I forget, I need to jot down these adorable little moments that have been sprinkled quite abundantly throughout my days. Do you ever feel like that? Like you have all this cute or funny moments that happen and if you don’t write it down, you’ll forget about how perfectly ADORABLE of an instance it was? It’s practically sinful to me to let that stuff slip through my fingers. Partly because I have such a bad memory, partly because its just gold from God. How can anything compare to the cute things kids do? Like, Mr. Chubs is “waving”! Well, his fat little hand looks like he’s beckoning someone to bring him his pizza- but really he’s waving. I know because I’m Mom. 🙂 And Pretty Princess? Well, the other afternoon someone had a pretty stinky poopy diaper. As the odor was wafting viciously through the kitchen, I spun around and faced both kids with

“Woooooo weeeeee! Somebody’s got a poopy diaper!”

With that, I proceeded to look down the back of Mr. Chubs pants, “Is it Mr. Chubs?…… Nooooo” ,

I turned to face PP and peer down her diaper with a “Is it….” but she cut me off,

“Is it MOMMY?”

Needless to say, after I stopped laughing I had to explain to her the benefits of being potty trained.

It’s stuff like that, and her surprising me with things I never taught her like when I rhetorically ask

“Should I make cookies for the youth meeting?”

and get a (crystal clear) “Yeah….maybe, Mommy” from her highchair.

Really? Are you like 12? How about the way she blames her aunt for things she does:

“Who scratched the floor”

In she walks, examines the floor, and states calmly

“Aunt Daydee did that”

Sorry Katie, always the middle child, always the scapegoat even from my 2 year old. 🙂 And who taught you to jump on the bed after bath time screaming


out the window? Too funny, and way to cute not to write about. These kids are growing way too fast! I can’t type quick enough! Mr. Chubs is rocking on his knees getting ready for crawling, and Princess puts on her purse with a loud

“Good BYE, Good bye Mommy!”

“Uh, and where do you think you are going missy moo?”


No! Not yet…you’re still my baby!

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