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Laundry is my least favorite chore ever! Unlike the rest of household duties which are a one step process, laundry is a 4 step one! I mean when you want to vacuum, boom! Turn on the vacuum and in 10 mins, your done. Then you can put it away for the next month (hahaha joking!) Dishes? Throw them in the dishwasher. Laundry? Empty the hamper, wash clothes. Walk away for hour tricking your brain into believing you can cross that chore off your list, but, check again. At the sound of the buzzer, you must throw the laundry into the dryer. Now you slip away, grab a coffee and start to reward yourself with some Facebook time when, wait what? Another buzzer reminding you of yet more work to do. Folding. Then sorting socks. Then organizing everyone’s pile. Then….wait it’s been almost 3 hours now….you have to change a couple diapers, rescue the dog from a glue stick attack, make something resembling a sandwich and attempt to feed 2 year old who only wants cereal all the time… want to escape and run downstairs and put all the laundry away like rapid fire…so you can just cross it off your list…..when….the baby needs to nurse, but can’t focus when his sister keeps running up to him and whacking him on the head asking if he is done, then the phone rings and its impossible to grab the phone, without tripping over the dog, kicking a couple toys, and avoiding the rice krispies that have been so strategically strewn in your path. ("Wait, how did she get that cereal again?!") All the while, the mental checklist with "LAUNDRY" blaring on the top is lurking in the forefront of your mind, still hanging, still mocking you…still.. NOT DONE. Determined to finish off the evil laundry once and for all, you hang up the phone and march briskly off to face your nemesis when, but of course, your toddler has opted to feed the dog, quite abundantly with total disregard for a dish. You clench your teeth as your proud toddler exclaims
"uh oh Mommy! A big mess! Clean it."
You look at those little nuggets of beef and rice taunting you to try and avoid slipping on them as you round up both kids and head off to finish the laundry. The dog food will have to wait. You have to cross that chore off your list once and for all.

And then you face it. The final showdown. You grab the piles and start running for the dressers like a madwoman. It’s like an marathon, you see the ribbon in sight! You can do this! You’ve birthed two kids! You’ve nursed in public! You’ve changed diapers during church! You can do this, you begin chanting to yourself, you can..and you do. A smile passes over your face, with victory, you glance at the clock. Great. 10 minutes until dinner. The victory is somehow quite lessened by the sick realization that it has taken you an entire day to do one load of laundry. You frown, and a quick glance at the hamper, which has magically reproduced dirty clothes at light speed is stuffed and waiting for a turn in the wash. It evil, its sabotage you tell yourself, and its the worst chore for a mom’s self-esteem…..laundry.

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