A snapshot

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Well, today is Camera Guy’s birthday. I don’t want to seem silly but truly, I think the world of my guy! He just makes my cup runneth over!

Hey, if I ever needed an excuse to gush, let his birthday be it 🙂

How to describe him in a nutshell, in a brief blog post giving him due honor and gratitude to sharing his life & love with me? Well here goes:

The most self-giving person= letting me eat the last chips in the bag, even though he wants them

A true man of patience= not flinching when I pluck his eyebrows

A curious soul= for googling the history of everything right down to pleated pants

The diplomat= for being able to take my frazzled schedules and organize everything into color coated to-do lists

A hard worker= for commuting to NYC for work each day

A perfectionist= for tweaking almost anything crafty I do if it is crooked.

A man of good taste= for consistently "doctoring" up my food when I’m not looking

A relaxed person
= so relaxed, he can’t even open the hamper to put his clothes in, he just piles them on top

A funny man
= for the thousands of times he quotes Aladdin, or acts like Michael Scott (without even realizing it)

The romantic
= for leaving notes on the mirror or in coat pockets

A gentleman= for insisting on carrying every diaper bag and child when we’re out

A forgetful one= for always asking me where his GPS, car keys, Blackberry or anything else I hardly use is.

So well intentioned of a guy
= for suggesting he get up with the kids in the middle of the night, quite enthusiastically. And attempting to do so makes him a

Brave guy= for truly trying to get the team back to sleep until he is

A humble man= for crawling back to bed and surrendering (in shock)

All in all, he is a truly great man, an honorable person to be with, a true example to me of so many virtues I fall short of. I can’t think of a better friend, companion or soul mate then he. On this his birthday, I thank his parents for raising such an incredible person and for sharing him with me. Hey Camera Guy, Happy Birthday! You’re another year older but you’ve got a new year ahead of you to grow holier, happier, and hopefully get more sleep!

*Of course, this post was submitted a week after his birthday. It wouldn’t be from me if it wasn’t late! Ha.*

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