Letters Part 2

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Dear Santa,

I’ve put up with a lot. In case you were unaware, my sister turned 2 this year. Giving her rides on my walker isn’t exactly how I enjoy spending my R&R time. Nor do I look forward to the constant tea parties, drowning attempts in the tub or the times she takes me "for wagon rides" which is just a nice way of saying, "send Mr. Chubs careening down the driveway at light speed." Not my exact picture of day in the great outdoors.

So in case you have been seeing us when were sleeping, etc. You’ve seen that I tell no lies. And although I haven’t been sleeping much, I hope you will humor me and divulge in my short list of expectations this first Christmas of mine:

1. Please send me some shoes that fit my extra fat feet.
2. Some boy themed toys would be a nice change.
3. A motorcycle helmet for protection in any forthcoming head injuries
4. A miracle of sleeping 12 hours straight again.
(that last one was definitely added by Mom)

Thanks fatty~
From another fatty,
Mr. Chubs

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