Letters Part I

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Dear Santa,

I’ve been very good to my baby brother. I try to help him appreciate the finer things in life like baking, taking care of baby dolls, coloring and trying new foods. Sometimes I shove food in his mouth when Mom isn’t looking, even though I know he’s allergic. I’m simply trying to show him what he’s missing. Mom doesn’t share my viewpoint.

I show him how to have a tea party, but sometimes he is just plain rude and he burps or spits up at the table. So naturally I take everything away from him. He usually starts crying and Mom gets upset. I don’t know why she sees everything so negatively. I see it as an exercise in expressing his emotion.

Also, I am extremely good at helping Mom put all our toys away. Sometimes I am so good that Mom can’t find my brother’s toys the next time he wants to play with them. She usually isn’t happy about this either because she thinks it has to do with me not being able to share. But oh quite the contrary Mr. Santa, I merely want my brother to learn that you can’t have everything you want all of the time. The boy definitely has some virtues he could work on.

So anyway, I hope you have been watching and seeing how truly hard it can be at times to have a chubby little brother who is always drooling on my stuff and chasing me in his walker. A girl needs her space. Please bring me the following for Christmas, if you will:

1. A baby doll. I only have five.
2. Red Elmo slippers. I saw those knock off blue ones, they won’t do.
3. Lots of Raffi tapes (Mom will be eternally indebted to you)

Pretty Princess

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