Things I wonder about

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Questions by Me, Answers by Camera Guy.

1.Why do my fingers always smell like dirty diapers?
CG- because you are always changing them

2.Why does it always rain when I straighten my hair?
CG-you always straighten your hair when it rains

3.Why is Winnie the Pooh called Pooh, and not Winnie?
CG- duh.

4.Why do kids scream when you get on the phone?
CG-because they want your attention

5.How come french fries taste better in ice cream?
CG-frosty, not icecream

6.Does anybody really cry over spilled milk? Except a lactating mom?

7.How come I am always thirsty at 2am?
CG-because you are awake

8.Why do my best story ideas come when I’m asleep?
CG-because you can finally think

9.How come people don’t think its rude to ask a pregnant lady if they’re having twins, and then insist with "are you sure" after you tell them ‘no’ ?
CG-because maybe she is having twins

10.Why do pants have pleats?
CG-because suit pants used to be worn around your waist, not hips… the pleats give extra fabric for the hips to fit…. by the way… my hips don’t lie

11.How come my husband piles his dirty laundry on top of the hamper or the chair?
CG-because the chair should be a hamper

12.Why do kids get sick on the weekends?
CG-because its fun

13.Who decided caviar was edible?
CG-crazy people

14.Why are baby socks more expensive than adult socks?
CG-because they are small and factories need to hire people with tiny hands to make them .

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