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Some things have been updated!
On my Coffee Table you’ll find out what’s been making me crazy for sanitizing everything pourous in our home. Most especially because Mr. Chubs has a raging love affair with our toilet. I don’t even want to go there. Still, this product is making me mad, in a great way, about cleaning. It’s easy, quick, idiot proof and best of all…no toxic fumes. Sweet germ repellent in a spray bottle. It rocks.

Also, you’ll find links to my favorite dark-chocolate covered espresso beans or “mommy’s happy pills” as we call them. I actually bought a lovely glass jar to display them in, a huge one. I’m planning on labeling the jar with a giant smiley face.

What else? Oh yes, a shampoo that has finally helped me with my itchy scalp…which is a year round thing, but this product actually worked. Tea tree oil is the main ingredient, so its good for your skin & the smell is quite invigorating too. Kind of turns the shower into a mini-spa.

Finally, a link to my latest favorite song “Shine” by the David Crowder Band. A great song, by a seriously great artist…and the video is so unique! I can’t stand it. I had to read up on how they made the video, by ordering thousand of Lite Brite pegs from Amazon and making all the frames themselves. An incredibly creative video. If you’re a fan of Lite Brite, you’ll appreciate it big time.

Happy reading!

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