Pillow Talk

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Camera Guy and I were chatting a few nights ago. Our conversation started somewhere with frozen gas station hamburgers and ended with dreaming of one day stepping inside of a Wegman’s grocery store. Sometimes I’m really blown away by the intellectual depth our conversations have.

We were reminiscing about our anniversary, getting married, dating, etc. When all of a sudden, after a brief lull in the chat, Camera Guy surmises:

“Yep, if I never got married I’d probably still be painting walls as a maintenance man….and eating those

frozen hamburgers from the CoGo next to the church..”

I was nodding along with the painting part, but frozen gas station hamburgers? What?

“Oh yeah,” he went on, “They were the best! You’d pop ’em in the microwave to heat the up, but then they’d charge you an extra fifteen cents because then it’s prepared food…”

“Wait, you’re telling me you used to eat, regularly, frozen beef from a gas station which you then microwaved and paid more for…and this tasted good? And did not strike you as gross at all?”

“Well now that I think about it, that probably is kind of nasty..”

“I thought you told me if we never got married, you’d be in the army or something?”

“Yeah, either way, army or frozen gas station burgers, I would have been living a high risk bachelor life.”

“Wow.” Then of course, to complete the puzzle, we had to think of where I’d be if not on this path.

“Most likely in the library. With frizzy hair. I’d probably be like Mary in “It’s A Wonderful Life” as she is without George in the picture. Mousy, with the kerchief on her head, working in the library with big glasses on. I’d probably have cats. I’d turn into the cat lady eventually.”

What an conversation it was! We ended the night laughing, and grateful. (We were still laughing the next morning, ‘really?? you really ate those burgers?”) I was grateful for having a reason to do my hair and for learning that cats are not friends. He was grateful for settling down with a desk job and for never buying an entree from a gas station again. And we were both grateful that there are still so many more funny stories to learn about each other!

2 thoughts on “Pillow Talk

  1. After Paul was born, I took a trip to the Sheetz down the road from the hospital at 11:00 PM for some dinner for us. We had some cheeseburgers, macaroni and cheese, soft pretzels, and chicken wraps. Yeah, it was a long day! The food was actually really good. If I didn’t know that the burger was from a gas station, I would of thought that I was eating an Applebees burger or something. So definately don’t write off all gas station food. Next time you’re travelling, try out Sheetz.

  2. That was sheetz. This is the CoGo down the street from Assumption he’s talking about. That place is just downright ghetto.

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