Chocolate Covered Socks

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Editor’s Note: This is  posting of a previous article written for our annual family paper. The paper consists of everyone sharing the highlights or best moments of the year. I made sure I picked a chocolate themed story for the occasion. Enjoy and Happy Easter!

The pressure is on, it’s Thimons’ Tribune time again. I had so many things I wanted to write about all year long, so many funny, touching, inspiring and deep articles that I was sure I would make the front page of the Tribune.

But as fate would have it, I’ve buckled under the pressure, been scrambling like a hamster in its plastic wheel and found myself butted up against the deadlines of deadlines….without a creative thought in my head for this dear annual paper.

And so, as I furrow my brow trying to retrieve a good memory worth printing I find myself asking,

“What was my best moment this year? What really made me proud?”

Am I slightly disappointed with myself for the answer that immediately leaps to my recollection? I roll my eyes at the absurdity.

You would have thought “having a son” would have been the first thought, or at least “buying a house” or maybe just maybe “living dairy free” would have made the cut.

But no folks, no. Unbelievably the first thing that leapt to my mind was:

folding 29 pairs of socks in 1:40 seconds.

Wow. I know, there you have it. That pretty much sums up my life in 2010.

I find myself validated in the amount of cotton socks that I folded in a baby shower game, racing like a fiend against other crazed Moms all competing for the lofty prize of what? You guessed it. Chocolate.

This, my friends, is possibly the most pathetic sounding achievement ever, and seemingly more so now that I am actually taking time to write it down.

But in the moment, leaping towards that laundry basket overflowing with miniature socks, hearing that timer go off, and bounding off the couch with my arms in the air and that huge smile across my face… really did feel like the Ironman. Or the IronMOM.

Whatever it was, it did rock my socks (PUN intended) but no, not as much as birthing a mumbo jumbo baby boy or buying a house. Now those are definitely noteworthy events, but I’ll have to save them for my next load of laundry.

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