Holy Moly

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Yesterday was one of those days. A day when it feels like starting from the very second you wake up you are picking up, wiping up, cooking up,cleaning up, breaking up and standing up all day long. One of those days when you know its going to be a loaded one. You can just tell what kind of a day it will be by the way you wake up.

Yesterday I awoke to a toddler pushing glasses onto my face, despite the fact that my face was intentionally under my pillow. My diamond engagement ring had been shoved next to my hands, along with some other jewelry. Slippers had been placed on top of the pillow (for which I was still under) and two enormous brown eyes, which just cleared the top of the mattress were peering into my eyes waiting for signs of life. I could hear her step up on the nightstand ledge to get a closer look at the strange species of the exhausted mom. Her squishy cheeks were as close as humanly possible to mine. The millisecond my eyes popped open, she steamily spoke while gripping the binky between her teeth ,

“Get up, Mom. Let’s eat breakfast.”

Tiny flecks of spit flew out from the binkied mouth causing me to groan and cringe. I shot up and looked at the clock.

“6am?! Noooooo”

I flopped back down. This was a good hour and half before normal rise and shine time.

Crying commenced. I instantly flew out of bed and swooped her up into my arms, running down the creaky steps and landing in the kitchen. Anything would be done to prevent Mr. Chubs from awakening at this ungodly hour, too.

Let the day begin. Oy.

The rest of the day proceeded in typical “those days” fashion. By looking at the clock every 5 minutes only to find that it’s still 9am, not naptime yet. With mounds of laundry, dishes, dirty shoes and tiny flecks of construction paper piling up all over the place. Chasing after a toddler who’s wearing no shoes…. in the mud puddle out back. Shooing hungry cats off my porch and practically murdering the squirrels who keep eating my pumpkins on the front steps. Or my all time favorite: washing Mr. Chubs head in the kitchen sink, since his sister decided to paint him with mud just as we were getting ready to get in the car.

The thing about “those days” I’ve come to realize, is just when I am ready to bury my head in the couch and scream…one of the kids always does something to jingle my emotional Mom-chain.

This time it was Princess. Chubs had been screaming and was in need of a serious diaper change, so exasperated I sighed aloud heavily, scooped him up and walked him upstairs to the diaper table. Of course he continued to scream and flail for the duration of the change and I could faintly hear Princess shouting something from downstairs. I rolled my eyes and yelled back for her to repeat herself, since Chubs was too noisy. Why did they always both have pertinent crises at the same exact time? I still couldn’t make out what she was saying so throwing Chubs on my hip, I started the trip back down the stairs asking her again what she said.

Looking up the staircase with her two big brown eyes she clearly stated,

“I said: Mom! Do you need any help up there?”

I blinked and stuck my pouty lip out, feeling so low for being so aggravated with them. Then proceeded a super mushy teary-eyed hug and gushing of how sweet a girl she is…etc. You know how it goes.

Suddenly “that day” got a thousand times more bearable. Her little 3 year old offering of kindness completely melted away my stress. Especially when I came back into the kitchen and found my laundry basket loaded with the dry clothes, and the dryer turned on with the next load of wet clothes in it. Gasping, I asked her what she did and she explained proudly with total pride that she had switched the laundry and emptied the dryer,

“All by myself!” she proudly concluded.

Don’t worry, readers. I’m just as dumbfounded as you are. I credit that whole event to her guardian angel, or maybe mine. Because they both know just how frazzling a “those days” day can be. It’s a nice reminder, and a sweet one when it comes in the form of your child to be reminded gently that He is always right by your side. Offering His help whenever we need it at just a prayer away.

Now if only those guardian angels could encourage her to sleep in a little later… then we’d be golden.

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