Spring Cleaning

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Time to clean out and update the blog! We got rid of the “Coffee Table”, “Bookshelf” and Nightstand” pages. Instead, there will just be a post like this every couple months, you know promoting all the products/ideas worth writing about:

Here’s Spring 2012

It’s 8 am time to rise and shine and make breakfast with the munchkins. It’s great to start my day off with a laugh or two after I read @JimGaffigan or @DemetriMartin’s latest tweet on Twitter. Once downstairs, I pop the kiddos  favorite organic waffles in the toaster and pour myself a bowl of oatmeal squares.  Since I’m back on the no-dairy kick,  Silk Coconut Vanilla milk does the trick for cereal, and boy it tastes too yummy to be breakfast. Of course there’s several drippings of butter and syrup that make their way onto the kitchen table, but nothing super strong Bounty napkins can’t handle. I love the way they don’t fall apart when I use them! Nothing’s too tough a job for them, at least in the kitchen, and if it is I just wipe the grime away with a basic baby wipe. Speaking of babies, nothing has made nursing more blissful than the amazing new bibs at Target, “Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Milk feeding bib” long name for an incredible product. A bib that has a soft cotton roll around the neck to prevent the milk from leaking up under baby’s chin while they’re nursing! Genius! Do you know how many times I grab baby wipe to clean out the spit up that always winds up under there?  With a 2 pack for only $6.99, I am ecstatic. Also, since I bought them online I made sure to go through Ebates.com which literally, yes literally sends me a check in the mail after I shop online. Translation: get paid to shop online! If you make most of your purchases via the web, check out their thousands of participating retailers and see how much cash back you can earn. Certain times of the month, they even triple the cash back bonus!

Once the kids get dressed and settle into playing with the new Ikea train set, it’s time for me to spray out the hot pink marker on my white carpet with the only cleaner that gets the stain out completely, Woolite Oxy power. Seriously, a couple of squirts, dab it up and kiss those spots goodbye! It’s a magical experience. During the day, we keep music on and these Matthew West and Steven Curtis Chapman’s songs “Strong Enough” and “Do Everything”   are a MUST to listen to. Seriously, I think these songs were written for post-partum mamas! Of course if it’s really “one of those days” then it’s nothing  some Pepperidge farm Salusisto cookies and watching my new favorite Jim Breuer skit called “Why Moms need sleep”  can’t cure. Comic relief at it’s best! (Also, definitely worth the download if you want to laugh until you wet yourself is Jim Gaffigan’s new special, “Mr. Universe” off his website…at only $5, it’s the most affordable date night! 75 minutes of pointing out why we all hate going to the gym, how bedtime routines are akin to hostage negotiations, and how going to Disney is just the same as standing on line at the DMV. We woke up our kids that’s how loud we were laughing… but it was worth it)

It’s 3pm and the kids are napping. Time to flip through my indulgence catalogs J. Peterman and Boden…which only make me salivate over the delicious fabrics and gorgeous styles they offer. Of course, the prices are sickening but still… one can dream. As it creeps close to dinner, and the kids wake up I whip up a family meal (that is both kid friendly and feeds the whole family…good bye to making separate dinners!) thanks to Tyler Florence’s new cookbook. Tonight it’s Turkey meatloaf cupcakes with mashed potato frosting. Oh yeah baby. If getting Chubs to eat requires making his food look like dessert, then so be it.

Ah, at last! It’s 8pm..bedtime has come and it’s time for books and prayers. Silence fills the house perfectly and at 9pm, it’s time for Camera Guy and I to unwind with some shows and snacks. To break my Oreo binging habit, I’ve chanced upon Kashi’s Soft Happy Trail Mix cookies, which are so tasty I don’t even miss eating Oreos.   Kashi’s cookies are loaded with so much coconut, wild honey, oatmeal and sweetened cranberries… it’s like a surprise party for your taste buds. To fill the chocolate void, we’ve been finding “Silk Dark Chocolate Almond” milk at Target! The new love of my life! (Almond milk, not Target. Although at times, it is debatable) This milk is so delicious, so smooth,rich and the best part is that it has 50% more calcium than a glass of milk and 45% DV of Vitamin B12. It’s no wonder this was voted the Best New Product of 2011! As for tv time, well, thanks to the Roku box, we don’t pay for cable just our $7/month Netflix subscription and we get tons of series, (yes, including LOST) plus dozens of channels at our disposal…commercial free. It rocks. An added bonus, we get EWTN !

11pm and we’re turning in, but not without playing my turn on the Scrabble app for Android. I make sure it’s all set to go for those mid-night nursing sessions, and I’m ready to grab some shut eye! All is good.


Was this helpful? Fun? Useful? Or just dumb? Meh, I gave it a shot. Instead of hyper linking all those separate items on the coffee table or bookshelf, they’re all right in one place. It’s an attempt to try to simplify my life and the blog. Well, it’s coming together nicely on the blog. It looks like it’ll be a while on my life…

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