7 Quick Takes Friday- Vol. 2

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— 1 —

This week has been one of those weeks that makes me realize, we all have different sized plates. Some of us can take on a lot on our plate and may be, say, a platter. Others fall into the dinner plate category or the salad plate section. I am firmly, and humbly convinced I fall somewhere above a spoon rest and just underneath a teacup saucer plate.

— 2 —

My favorite tweet this week was from Demetri Martin who tweeted constantly during the Presidential debate. When Obama and Romney were going back and forth about teachers and how much they like them, @DemetriMartin tweeted:

” I don’t love teachers. #NotTrue #ILoveTeachers #NotAllOfThem #YouKnowWhoYouAre #MissZambrano

then he followed it up promptly with

Second Grade was a rough year for me. #DoNotGetMeStarted”

Had me in stitches.

— 3 —

On the topic of@DemetriMartin I am hugely looking forward to downloading and watching his new comedy album : Stand Up Comedian and hoping he delivers more deliciously hysterical bursts of laughter from blunt, dry observations like  “Sometimes when we learn the meaning of a new word, it can be very disappointing. I remember when I was a kid and we were going to visit one of my mom’s friends who she told us was a ‘cat person’. And when we got there….I was just like ‘Wait. So you just like cats?’ Dude. That’s a ‘cat-liker’. A ‘cat-person’ is a different story…like ‘why does Steven never go in the pool? Oh yeah….he’s a ‘cat-person'”

— 4 —

Last week, as the credits were rolling on  The Avengers….Tom noticed Fatty the Squirrel taunting him, sitting on the fence post above our trashcans….just staring at us while we ate popcorn. Probably due to the recent fighting footage, and feeling totally invincible, he jumped off our sofa, grabbed the first “weapon” he could find (which ended up being a Melissa & Doug wooden cupcake) and went running, growling, into our backyard vowing to avenge (pun intended) our pumpkins and obliterate the squirrel. With a wooden cupcake. In broad daylight. I’m sure lots of grown men chase squirrels around their backyards with wooden cupcakes on Saturday afternoons….hmmm. Might be investing in that BBgun my Dad suggested.

— 5 —

Ooo. I failed to mention that Fatty the Squirrel also just chewed his way through our second pair of new trashcans. So, Tom’s wrath was justified.

— 6 —

Jack ate a bowl of carrots with yogurt for lunch yesterday!!! I did a happy dance and praised him, and now he won’t eat carrots anymore.

— 7 —

Baklava is evil. It cannot be made at 9:30 at night by an exhausted wife. You can never offer to bring it to your special little Mediterranean potluck at work ever again. Potlucks for work fall into the “Nay Nay” category. I am choosing to homeschool my kids precisely  to avoid things like packing lunches and making special cultural dishes for a monthly Hoo- Ha- Ha.

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