Lessons from 2012

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10. Never wash a disposable diaper in your washing machine.

9.  Lamaze is miraculous.

8. There will forever be enmity between myself and squirrels.

7. Paper sticks to furniture with spit.

6. Face wounds bleed the most. Especially when a child jumps off the couch and a pez dispenser breaks their fall. On their forehead.

5. Life is not instagrammed. Nobody can make their own hummus while doing Yoga.

4. Picky eaters are picky eaters. End of discussion. I did my best. Hmph!

3. Keeping a house pristine for guests is too much pressure….for guests!

2. Still really afraid of the dark. Yup.

1. Never eat at an Old Country Buffett. Ever.

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2 thoughts on “Lessons from 2012

  1. I’m curious about #9… you’ll have to tell me about that when you come in a few days! One of the women I taught with at St. Sebastian teaches private “Lamaze” classes, and offered to come to our house and do it free of charge…

    I hope all your packing/ saying “goodbye” is going well… I’m so glad that you guys found a place to move into! We’re looking forward to seeing you on Sunday!


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