Writer’s Block

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I’ve been having a huge case of it. I don’t know why, I think I’m tired. Being half frozen and seeing no sun does that to people. Anyway, so as we were eating dinner the other night with the kids, Mr. Chubs started rambling on and on about the usual: Captain America. With his usual exuberance, chubby cheeks stuffed with chicken nuggets, tiny particles of chickeny-spit spewing out from his ketchup drenched lips, Chubs was standing on the dining room chair telling his story with more and more excitement and volume that I just had to listen. It was so funny I grabbed a napkin and started writing it down, then thanked him for coming up with my next blog post. Princess couldn’t possibly be left out on the fun so you’ll find her poem below too. I translated the Little guy’s speech from his high chair…enjoy!


This Is How My Brain Works by: Mr. Chubs

“Captain America (pronounced Ah-Mare-Wick-A) and Spiderman (Spy-duh-mahyn) fly up in the sky and give glory to God in the highest. Captain America sees Spiderman then Captain America flies past God and Spiderman tries to knock him down and then they fly into the sky and pop the bad guys and then they swing on the fan and then the computer saves the day!!!!!”

Where have I gone wrong. At least he didn’t tell me they “popped” God.


A Princess Poem by: Princess

“Princess, Princess saves the day

Prince, Prince goes play

Captain America saves the day

Princess and Prince go to lay in the dungeon.

Princess and Prince save the day

In a castle, play, play, play

Princess and Prince have a picnic

and the bicnic goes to ticnic.”

First of all I want to know who is supervising Princess and Prince laying down in that dungeon. Second of all, it may be possible we’ve read way too much Dr. Seuss, ‘bicnic’ ? ‘ticnic’ ? Oy.


I’m done with Dinner by: Little Guy (Translations by Mom)

Ba. Baaaaaaaaa. ( Yo. I’m done with this “dinner”)

Nnnnnnn. ( Hellooooooo)

Mama. Ma. Ma. Mamamamama. ( Woman who birthed me!)

<Shrill shriek> ( I’m talkin’ here!)

Beep. Ba. Beep Ba. Ba be be. ( Now that I have your attention I’d like to show you that this polenta makes an excellent moisturizer for my adorable face and the bowl, as you can tell, is shaped perfectly to wear as a hat following or during my meals in case of indoor rain showers or attack from flying matchbox cars. Also, kindly release me so I may go hide the remainder of what is this? Stew? Ah yes, so I can go quickly and deposit this stew in your couch cushions.)

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