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Ok, since my first college roomie, Ellen, over at the McSisters tagged me in this virtual chain letter…I have decided to participate. Mostly because it’s Ellen. And seriously how can I say no to the first person who lived with me during the most transitional year of my life. She’s kind of got the get out of jail free card for putting up with me for those months. 🙂


5 Random facts about A.Thimons…

1. So, Pope John Paul II totally prayed for me. By name. Yep, I have proof. At World Youth Day in Toronto (2002) I traveled with my youth group and I brought with me a cotton American flag in which I wrote down the names of people in our community and people I met on the trip who needed prayers. The biggest name said “Pray for Maria Miglino” who was a woman in our town dying of Ovarian cancer. I used to do her laundry, watch her kids and clean her house. Anyway, JPII had a lunch on Thursday of WYD week, with 14 youth representing 12 different countries. The girl chosen to represent the USA was from our diocese. Robin, was her name. Robin was staying in our hotel (yes, we stayed in a hotel for WYD) and word got out that she was accepting things to bring with her when she met the Pope. So…I got my flag together and I wrapped it up with a handwritten note to my “Dear Papa!” explaining about who I was I who all the names on my flag were. The next morning on the news, there was Robin, and there was my flag! In JPII’s hands holding it up for the cameras! Papers wrote “Robin Cammorata presented the pope with an American flag passed to her from Good Shepherd Parish in Rhinebeck, NY” Once I dig out my photo album that has been buried the in garage from this move, I will post a picture for y’all.

2. Every time I’ve been in labor, I’ve had chinese food. And I save the fortune cookies for their baby books.

3. I onced saved a lady from falling down an escalator about two years ago. Her foot was stuck in the tread on the base of the escalator, and the rest of her was going up, up, up, and she was screaming bloody murder. Tom and my Mom were with me, just standing there in shock. I walked ahead and pressed the “EMERGENCY STOP” button. And she was able to get her foot out. And she didn’t split in half after all. Yep. I don’t know how I saw that button … totally was my guardian angel.

4.When Tom first asked me out, we went sledding at the college we were attending. We brought a can of PAM spray with us and greased up the bottom of the flying saucer sled I had. We kept taking turns seeing who could sled farther, using the PAM top which was bright red, stuck in the snow as a marker. At the end of our “date” Tom stepped on the lid of the PAM, burying it into the snow, down into the ground. He said maybe it would still be there in the springtime, while he would be away in Austria for the semester. Sure enough, one spring morning at Steubie, I went digging around the lawn in front of the JC Williams Center and sure enough I found it! And what a surprise Tom had in Austria when he got it in the mail. Of course, we saved that dear little PAM lid.

5. I won first place in a  CYO talent show for singing “A Boy like That” from West Side Story. I was 17 and sang the part of Anita, the saucy Hispanic sister in law of Maria.

Ok… so now I get to tag 5 people and I choose…… LIZ from over at Quick Eyed Love, SARAH my college travel buddy, DEBBIE my big sister in household, DIANE a kindred spirit I met at Mom’s Night Out, and my hubby TOM (he’s totally not going to participate). Yay, have fun!!

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  1. I’m still really sad that I wasn’t around at the beginning of your relationship with Tom. I can’t believe I missed all the fun and awkwardness!

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