GUEST POST: Melissa Clayton, founder of Faith In All Times

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It is with great joy that I want to share with you a beautiful online community for women dealing with infertility. This ministry has touched my heart, and I know it is a much needed outreach for many of us out there. It is truly evident that Holy Spirit has guided the hearts and words of these women who are venturing out in starting this new online community! Please spread the word on your Facebook walls and Twitter about Faith In All Times! Read what founder, Melissa Clayton, has to say about it:

Annemarie was gracious enough to let me share my new venture and ministry with you today; thank you again Annemarie!

When I was 16 yrs. old I was diagnosed with endometriosis, a fertility and auto immune disorder that causes painful periods and in most cases infertility. My diagnosis meant I may never have children or at the very least have a difficult time getting pregnant. When I married my husband we were hopeful God would bless us and that the doctors had been wrong, but we soon found ourselves on the long road of infertility.

I had a wonderful partner in life and love, but like many women dealing with infertility I felt very alone and began seeking community online. I only came across women who were partaking in treatments I didn’t morally agree, leaving me longing for a sense of community and support that sadly I never found.

This lack of community set the desire on my heart to create a place for Catholic women to come together and share their journeys with infertility. I wanted somewhere to share the Church’s teachings on matters of reproductive technologies and to educate and loving lead other Catholic women to morally sound options.

It’s taken me awhile to figure out how exactly to foster that community. Together with my husband and other brave women willing to share their stories we’ve created Faith In All Times. My hope and prayer is to provide community and God’s truth about reproductive technologies.

Please take a few minutes to stop by and read the stories our contributors have been brave enough to share. If you or anyone else feels the call to become a contributor please contact me at

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2 thoughts on “GUEST POST: Melissa Clayton, founder of Faith In All Times

  1. Have you read the book by Colleen Carroll Campbell “My Sisters the Saints”……she talks about this exact topic in her book…… Mom

  2. What a beautiful ministry, Melissa, and one that is very much needed! Your suffering will bear beautiful fruit, healing and hope to so many couples and families :+:

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