It’s Time for the Thimmy Awards!

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Yes, folks it’s true. Camera Guy and I have reached an all new low: our first ever annual Thimmy Awards. These are virtual awards given in the form of words on a blog from the Thimons family for Oscar nominated movies. The Thimmy Awards will occur each May, typically a few months following the Oscars once all the nominated movies have finally come to RedBox so we don’t have to drop a full $10 on each movie we want to watch.Not that we’ve watched all the Oscar nominated movies or that ANY of this matters at all in real life, but here’s a quick summary/review on the ones we’ve watched so far:

ARGO– Fast paced and exciting. Argo didn’t leave your brain a minute to breathe or relax. It was a fantastic, hard-to-believe yet incredible true story…which is really why we enjoyed it. True stories always are the most impressive. The whole cast in the this movie was really excellent. Major downside for me, which was hard to get past, was Ben Affleck. I just don’t like him very much as an actor, so I really wish someone else had the lead role in this film. Very good movie, though.

LES MISERABLES– Wow. This was so emotional. Absolutely stunning performances by Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman. Jackman really blew me away. I never would have pinned him as a singer or such a dramatic actor, but it was truly incredible. Russell Crowe was okay as the Inspector Javert…they could have cast a better singer than him, sounded like he was strained for some of the notes. The filming was glorious, I love the way the colors were faded during the movie, giving a grim, sloppy feel to the film. The story can’t get any better than this- God’s mercy. This movie left both of us crying, which is always a good thing with movies!

LINCOLN– Very good. Albeit, and sorry to say coming from a history major, not one of my favorites. Maybe I picked the wrong time to watch it, but I found the movie very long, and hard to understand. Daniel Day Lewis was absolutely amazing portraying Lincoln, you could practically touch the gravity weighing on his soul during the tumultuous last two years of his presidency. I was really caught off guard when James Spader showed up in the film adding much needed comic relief to the story. Here’s the downside, I never actually got a chance to finish the movie because I fell asleep. So, yeah. But from what I watched it was very moving.

SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK– Coming from the director who brought you The Fighter, this story is about two very broken people, with monstrously huge issues to overcome. Gritty, messy, and gosh darn so realistic that you swear you have met this family before, or that you know those neighbors. It’s like that it’s incredibly moving and inspiring to watch these two lead characters bring the best out in each other and conquer their past. This movie provided a very dignified look at the human person. Amidst such baggage we found that forgiveness and true selflessly willing the good of the other…change is always possible and people are worthy of that change, that value. Soundtrack was awesome, the depiction of the Eagle’s football obsessed father was awesomely played out by Robert De Niro… my favorite movie so far.

SKYFALL– Exquisite. Elegant. Sleek. Obviously it was hugely entertaining because of its totally surreal action scenes. Seriously? Adjusting his tie in the midst of wrestling a villain on the roof of a speeding train? Only James Bond. What I loved most about this movie was the cinematography, so artsy! The whole movie was incredibly aesthetically pleasing, and not just because of Daniel Craig in a tuxedo was standing on a gondola, floating down a river with fireworks and floating candles behind him. All the scenes were very decorated, elaborate, sumptuous, glamour and glitz…giving a very unrealistic view of life in this world. So it was enjoyable to watch, but you don’t walk away with any food for thought.

Our favorites:Camera Guy can’t get enough of it, he loved Les Miserables and now he’s got all the kids singing “24601”…for me I chose Silver Linings Playbook. Hands down. I loved it. (Click Here to read my full review) However, not Oscar-worthy in my opinion. I think Jennifer Lawrence is a great actress but I kind of feel like they tossed her that Oscar as a bone to guilt her into fully embracing the culture of stardom—which she seems so entirely disinterested in.  Oscars are practically sacred, so… no Oscar but I would give her a Thimmy Award…our dorky version of the Dundies.

Here are our awards & categories:

  • Thimmy Award for Awesome Soundtrack We Can’t Stop Singing–  TIE Silver Linings Playbook & Les Miserablesles pl

  • Thimmy Award for Best Actor– Hugh Jackman, Les Miserableshugh
  • Thimmy Award for Best Actress– Jennifer Lawrence, Silver Linings Playbook j
  • Thimmy Award for Best Supporting Actor– Robert De Niro, Silver Linings PlaybookDe Niro
  • Thimmy Award for Best Supporting Actress– Jackie Weaver, Silver Linings Playbookth
  • Thimmy Award for Funkiest Fashion– Rory Cochrane, ArgoClickHandler.ashx
  • Thimmy Award for Best Accent– Daniel Huttlestone, Les Miserables DanielHuttlestone_620_122112
  • Thimmy Award for Best Looking in a Tuxedo– Daniel Craig, Skyfalld
  • Thimmy Award for Hugest Hair– Helena Bonham Carter, Les MiserablesHelena-in-Les-Miserables-helena-bonham-carter-32889370-333-500
  • Thimmy Award for Best CinematographySkyfallsky

And now that’s out of the way, back to doing more productive things with my life. Like watching Thomas & Friends.

One thought on “It’s Time for the Thimmy Awards!

  1. Love this post! It is rare that I get down to watch a movie, but now I know which ones tolook for it ever happens. Love and prayers from somewhere in between Fishkill and Bethel! 🙂 Maura

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