Five Favorites!

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I decided to join in the fun over at Moxie wife for Five Favorites Wednesday! Here we go:


victoria Wow. This movie is fantastic. I’m actually going to say I like this more than Pride & Prejudice— yes, it’s THAT good!  I am in love, with their love story. I’m also in love because Julian Fellowes wrote this movie! And with my (ahem) adoration of Downton Abbey and his clearly spectacular way of bringing history to life….I had an inkling I was going to like The Young Victoria. How I have not seen this movie until now is beyond me, but trust me….it’s going to be in my collection for good! Check this out from your library!


we two That being said, I of course ran right to library to gobble up the biography on Albert & Victoria by Gillian Gill. It’s called “We Two : Victoria and Albert, Rulers, Partners, Rivals” and it is delicious. I can’t put the thing down. I just can’t get over this rarity of true love (in the case of the royals), and to be emphasized chaste true love (even more rare)…which was that of Albert and Victoria. It’s a beautiful love story to read! Tragic family histories, of course, but incredibly passionate, chaste love.  Highly recommend!


skinnyYUMM-O.  Go get these. You can thank me later.


A video of Blessed Mother Teresa explaining the gospel in 5 fingers. This is so beautiful!!


tomThis guy. Look at that face! Like the shirt I got him for his birthday? 🙂

That’s all, folks! Be sure to check out Moxie Wife for more Five Favorites!

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3 thoughts on “Five Favorites!

  1. Cant wait to read “we too” and watch Young Victoria. Just finished watching all of Downton Abbey (yes, I only just discovered it!) I watched most of the 3 seasons in the week that Pete was out of town! J

    Miss you and love these posts! I am o glad we keep in touch. How are things in WI?

    Love and Prayers!


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