Examination of Conscience for Social Media Users

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If you are like me and you have a tendency to get a little too twisted up over what to Tweet or you find yourself instagraming things that should never be grammed like water boiling… then you’ve come to the right place. I jotted this down a while ago to keep myself in check, and to not go crazy over the crazed toll that social media can take on me. Some of them are more sarcastic (because that’s how myself responds best to myself) and others more blunt. Whether you use it, loose it, tweet it or hate it here are 10 questions to keep your head above the water:

  1. Do I start a conversation with “You have to see this!!!”. A m I uplifting someone? Am I mocking? Did they kind of ask for it?

  2. Am I thinking in Tweets? Do I actually use “hashtag”  fingers  and talk in fragments while I’m speaking to a real person?

  3. Do I only bake things because they will look good on Instagram? Am I wasting food? And time?

  4. Have I spent as much time with real people today as I spent with my phone or computer? The people on People.com do not count.

  5. Have I given others in my life the attention I give Twitter? Do I check in with them for updates as much?

  6. Do I give my prayer life the equivalent or more time than I spend blogging, Tweeting, checking my e-mail or Facebook?

  7. Am I aggravated or refreshed when I shut my internet browser? Do I look for things that lead my thoughts closer to God? Do I binge read on depressing news stories and ruin my day because of worry?

  8. Do I only go on Facebook to be nosy? Is what I read on someone’s profile really any of my business?

  9. Do I get stressed out over a blog post someone wrote, a Tweet someone sent or a picture someone posted? Am I giving myself meaningless anxiety, making me less able to do my real job adequately?

  10. Do any of my fingers hurt from swiping, typing, pinning, posting or tweeting?

What other questions would you add to the list?

4 thoughts on “Examination of Conscience for Social Media Users

  1. Do I pride myself on how many snarky comments I make?

    Do I resist click bait?

    Do I resist sites that objectify men, women–or worst of all–children?

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