Nominated for Funniest Blog!!

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I got a great surprise this morning when I found out that this blog has been nominated for a Sheenazing Award under the category of “Funniest Blog”! I am so grateful and thrilled to be apart of this awesomeness over at A Knotted Life. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to my dear friend and awesome Mommy Mrs. Ellen Johnson from McSisters  Have you read McSisters? You really ought to. What’s not to love about four sisters sharing, caring, every little thing that they are not only wearing but going through in their own journeys with mother/wife hood. I love it! Keep an eye out because you’ll be seeing more of them on my next Five Favorites– Mommy Blog edition!

There are tons of awesome nominees for the Sheenazing awards, so many hysterical, touching, beautiful blogs. I am just honored to have made it into the nominations.  BUT, if I’ve chanced in the past at making you laugh or chuckle somehow and you think there’s some pretty funny stuff here then hey, you can stop wiping down counters and changing diapers and go cast your vote for me! And in the process, you can read some awesome stuff written by some really talented writers. Win-Win

 *********CLICK HERE TO VOTE!!!!!***********

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