Today is the BIG DAY!!

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CSS_Company_LogoToday the Chicken Soup for the Soul: Multi-Tasking Moms Survival Guide is officially on sale at your local Barnes & Noble!

Be sure to stop in, pick it up and spread the news! This book is going to be loaded with funny stories, poems and words to lift any mom’s spirit! Not to mention, a story written by yours truly…. ON PAGE 56! <<(shameless self promotion)

This book is awesome, filled to the brim covering topics like “Making ‘me’ Time”, “Feeding the Family”, “Feeling Guilty”, “Laughing after the Fact”, “Slowing Down” and “Handling Housework Hassles”…. plus many more!

If this sounds like something you or another mom in your life would enjoy than please, help me spread the buzz and get the word out by sharing the news on Facebook or Twitter, by liking this or commenting on Facebook! 🙂

Enjoy the book!

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