5 Favorites- Hotel Hints Edition!

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Well, it’s that time of year again! Time to get out your suitcases and try to convince yourself that you love traveling. Especially with all those little kids. If you’ve somehow managed to dupe yourself into a road trip with babies— yet again, I’ve got some hints on hotels to share with you to help your plans go a little easier this time around!

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The most comfortable beds, from all these hotels we’ve patroned were the Comfort Inn & Suites. A second best was the Hampton Inn. Our favorite most kid friendly hotel we choose is the Country Inn & Suites, because the place is clean, clean, clean. And the free breakfast is better than any I’ve had a hotel provide. We find the breakfast included is a must with little kids….the longer we can avoid getting back in the car the better.


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When not a Country Inn & Suites, try one of the Hampton hotels , then we move down to the Comfort Inn. The Comfort Inns are generally more affordable, still provide breakfast and hands down have super comfy beds….however major drawbacks for us include the outdated features in the room like the thermostat. There was no actual gauge, just a knob for “cool” or “heat” and for anyone out there with little kids….it was a nightmare spending the entire night dashing out of bed and adjusting the temperature from one extreme to the next.Also. Always bring two kinds of pj’s in case of such scenario.


When staying at hotels, always bring sound machines and earplugs! These have saved our lives, or at the very least our sanity. I’d say we’ve yet to stay at a hotel where no one slams their door the 900 times they go in and out of their room at 11pm at night. So yeah. White noise or no noise of any kind is extremely beneficial.

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Call ahead for an upgrade. We usually book through Priceline a Queen room, then call the day of and ask for an upgrade because we’ve got three little kids, we’re coming from so far away, blah blah blah….and we always get the upgrade at no extra cost. It’s worth it to ask, especially if junior is all out of his routine and going to be spending the night with you and your hubby. Space=peace

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And finally, the most important tip we’ve learned while traveling: ask to be placed on one of the highest floors. Why you ask? They are quieter, they are cleaner, and you don’t get any weird spiders in your wet bathroom towels that have been sitting on the floor overnight. Seriously. Ground level is the worst for strange bug invasions!

Do you have any great travel tips? Please share them in the comment box! And of course, Happy Trails to you!

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2 thoughts on “5 Favorites- Hotel Hints Edition!

  1. So many great tips here. I never would have thought to request the top floor, the upgrade, etc. Also, we usually opt for Holiday Inn Express, but this makes me want to try Country I&S. Wonder how they compare price wise. My two tips: (1) check ahead of time whether the hotel has a crib available (if you’ll need it; don’t presume, and (2) keep a key card in your pocket at ALL times, or at least prepare yourself for the possibility that your toddler will open a door for the first time in her life, BOLT out, and her sister will follow her, and you will too, with the door slamming and locking behind you, and with your husband at the grocery store and your phone locked in the room. Oh, and your contacts will be out so you’ll be blind as a bat. *Facepalm* Okay, sob story over. 😉

    • That is crazy!! AH! It’s kind of funny to me how typically hotels are associated with ‘relaxation’…when in actuality, especially with kids…. they are anything but!

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