Reasons to Smile

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I love all these blogs with all their cute little link ups. I think they’re fun to participate and I really, really, wanted to make this a link up. Reading the news, knowing what’s happening all around us all the time make me more ardently than ever want to hear good news. I love reading about product recommendations, or book reviews or recipes… but I really want to read snippets of actual events that are true reasons to smile.

So this is my link-up! The optimistic, monthly- REASONS TO SMILE link up! And since Monday is my least favorite day, I chose Monday as the link up day.  I tried to make a link up work, but I can’t, I don’t have time, and since it may surprise you I don’t get paid to blog…I really could not afford to spend another gazillion hours trying to make it work. But just know that the intention was there.  However, if you want to participate on your blog, please do!!! Just send me an e-mail or leave your link in the comment box below, and I will feature a link to your site on my blog. Don’t feel like you have to join in, you glass-half-empty-er (just kidding)… I know all too well how little time I have to participate in all the cutesy link ups, but this, this is necessary for my mental serenity. download (5) It’s a must for me, I gotta accentuate the positive! And if you have a few stories/moments/snippets of things that you can share to SPREAD SMILES, then please JOIN IN THE OPTIMISM.

(It is actually much more fun to read the news searching for cheerful stories!)

And now, here’s 6 reasons I want to share with you that make me smile


Meriam Ibrahim arrives safely in the USA.

1.Meriam. I prayed, and prayed and prayed SO MUCH for this woman. Every night before bed. And guess what this picture means? PRAYER WORKS!

2. il_570xN.634374924_moz5Sarah’s of last week they’ve sold 385 of them! Which is a beautiful, beautiful testimony to how much Sarah has touched the lives of those around her. The best part is all proceeds go to the Harkins’ children. If you haven’t checked them out already, you really must!



A Mustard Tree.

A Mustard Tree.

God works miracles everyday….a story at A.Thimons coming soon!

4.IMG_20140716_113600506_HDR Another Thimons baby! Here is a precious picture of my next little one, due this December! I am already 6 months now and just aching to kiss that wittle face.

5.10390510_240177939514462_5777049884505063971_n We have freedom. Because you can wear want you want, send your kid to whatever school you want, but most importantly I remember freedom when I put my Mary statue out in my garden, or plaster pro-life bumper stickers on my mini-van. We have freedom to worship, as much as we feel like we are being squelched.

As our priest reminded us last Sunday, ” Lucky for you, the Gestapo did not knock on your door last night. Just because it hasn’t happened here before, doesn’t mean it never will.”

6. download (3)Sarah’s spiritual bouquet! Smile and be proud of yourselves, thank you to all of you who are so generously spending time in prayer for the Harkins family! Looking at the numbers a total of 613 people pledged prayers. WOW! Such a witness. We are FAMILY!


I hope you smiled, even if it was just in your heart…spread the love and be sure to let me know about YOUR reasons to smile!


Seriously? How can this NOT make you smile? What a bunch of goofballs.

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