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The other day was an extremely busy day. One of those “ I have not sat down yet!” days. It was our second day of school, we had a play date, cleaned the house, did naps, had errands to run, etc. I was really looking forward to sitting down to my “pre-prepared” dinner of chili which had been bubbling away in the crock pot all day.

It’s like I thank the crock pot profusely for doing all that hard work so I don’t have to. “You are such a great cook! I hardly did a thing! Thank you, crock pot!”

Anyway, finally our day was drawing to a close and the whole family sat down to dinner, all of us chowing down the chili. Everyone except one kid, of course. Just to stick a thorn in my side I guess. Because we Moms know, nothing is aggravating like a long awaited meal, that everyone is enjoying, and one sour puss decides he’s not even going to bother trying. Even though it’s one of his favorite meals. Even though every other time you make it, he gobbles it up.

Mr Chubs back in his chubbier days. Eating Italian Ice.

Mr Chubs back in his chubbier days. Eating Italian Ice.

So our entire meal went by with his chili getting colder and colder, and the other kids asking for seconds and thirds. He chose to blabber on and on about his day and not pay any attention to his food aside from intermittently pausing his stories with, “ Hey Mom, will I still get dessert?” Of course the answer was no, he asks why not, I explain for the umpteenth time

“Because you need to eat your dinner”.

Back and forth we went, same questions, same answers…the entire meal. I was getting exasperated. Every time I lifted a spoonful of this delicious, warm, gooey, chili that I just wanted to quietly savor—he interrupted with the same old dumb question. I glared a grizzly glare at Tom across the table, who told him to stop talking and JUST EAT.

Aiming for a diversion tactic, an “idea suddenly flew into my funnel” (sorry, we’ve been watching an awful lot of Thomas over here…)

“Hey guys! Let’s tell Daddy all about the new poem we learned today in school!”

Mia right away burst out sharing the title and the author,

“Windy Nights!!”

“Who is it by?”

“Robert Louis Stevenson!”5217341161_a0f3fc56ba_z

Tom tried to act very excited too. I prompted them along asking them to tell us what the poem was about. Mia gave her interpretation. Which was pretty much on target.

“A guy galloping on a horse. The ships on the ocean were wavy, and it was a rainy yucky night. Everyone was sleeping.”

Jack eagerly chimed in with helping to describe the poem. I got hopeful that he’d get occupied with the re-telling and start shoving some chili down his gullet.

“ No, Mia! No, the night is windy and wet and the man on the horse is riding really fast because he has a message.”

Tom asked, “ Oh. The man had a message?”

“Yeah. He had a message and he was riding so fast to tell everybody.”

“Huh. What did the message say?”

Jack didn’t miss a beat,

“It said, it said… don’t eat the chili.”

It does not have anything to do with a message. OR CHILI.

Case closed. What more could I do? My four year old is a wise guy, and way too clever for this tired Mama.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering the answer is no, he did not get dessert!

Too cool for school now.

Too cool for school now.




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