Ever heard of Norwex?

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I didn’t either, not until a few months ago. It’s a Norwegian company that sells micro-silver cloths, thus radically reducing the use of chemicals in your home.

You know how eco-friendly those Norwegians are. 😉 (No really, they are. They built this ‘eco-bridge’ over a major highway so animals wouldn’t get hit by cars while crossing the road)images (8)

ANYWAY! Check out my new tab up on the top of my menu to read my story of what’s been going on.

Long story short— I am really excited about this. And I don’t have time for this. So if I’m posting this….trust me, you’ll want to do your own research and look into it!

Oh no, you’re thinking Annemarie has gone bonkers GRANOLA! Not really, I just researched my brains out, and I used the product myself and let me tell you what sold me other than the cloths and the results I was getting around my house. I have kids, who frequently have potty accidents, and I CAN NOT get rid of the ucky urine stench out of their underpants. Even with vinegar! Not until  I used the Norwex laundry detergent. It’s enzymes, completely chemical free and biodegradable….and best of all, NO MORE SUBWAY STATION SMELL! (((((happy dance)))

What are you waiting for? Check out the new tab HERE and Facebook me, or e-mail me with any questions you might have. And hey, if your in the area come to my house next Tuesday for the party!images (5)

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3 thoughts on “Ever heard of Norwex?

  1. Why is the blog all about poop and pee? How do we know this crap (Norwex) works? If it does, we could use a shit-load of it over here!

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