Hypocrites! —- {Guest Post from Tom}

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 A guest post from my hubs, Tom, on this first day of Lent. Really, an email I found in my inbox when I awoke that was too hilarious not to share.


Dear Hypocrites,


I hope that you all have a blessed start to the Lenten season today!

Today, I have washed my face, you see no dirt, only handsome smiles and joy;

Today I have not gone to church or stood on my street corner, I prayed in my room and I even locked the door, (I also prayed in the middle of my street);

Today, I have performed no righteous deeds, but have only continued to give myself sacrificially for my family, (and I pulled a guy out of  the river to save him from drowning but that wasn’t a big deal- really);

Today I put my trumpet on Craigslist, I am exchanging it for a gong and some cymbals… not that you care, but I have also practiced muscle confusion at the gym last night… We’ll see if I can confuse my right hand from my left when I drop the $20 in the basket today… I’ll let you know.

I did this all before 8 am!

I wish you all as half a good a lent as I am already having!

You will be in my prayers.

In Christ,

“Saint” Thomas


P.S. “Turn away from sin and be faithful to the Gospel”

What ever happened to the gospel of Thomas? Child Jesus turning clay into 12 sparrows sounds pretty awesome to me!

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