It’s a…! (series!)

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God. IS. GOOD.  This series has been in the works for over three years now, and my heart is bursting with joy to be able to share it finally with all of you! How grateful I am to Jeff Campbell over at Amor Deus publishing for his interest in the series, and to Lorien West for her awesome assistance and layout/design skills.  To Cardinal Burke, for reviewing the series and assisting with editing, to everyone who’s expressed interest and anticipation for the books to come out—thank you!

These books would not be what they are but for the darling illustrations that my mom, Nancy, has so lovingly and tirelessly worked on providing! A true treasure! The shining stars of these series are the images! Years ago when I dreamed of becoming a published author, I never imagined that the Holy Spirit would put on my heart such a project as this, and to be able to join together with my mom is a gift and a great blessing to me! Thank you, Mom. Also, thanks for never falling short to satiate my constant hunger to read and write…your indulgence has paid off!

Last but certainly not least, my husband Tom, I thank you so very much for all the hours you’ve spent encouraging, proofing, researching, explaining theology to me, and most importantly your eagerness as we worked on these books. You are my ‘better half’ and being your partner in life is certainly my favorite story of all!

If you haven’t already, here’s the official announcement that was e-mailed out this morning:

Dear Family and Friends,

We are are thrilled to share the news that my mom and I have just published a Catholic Children’s book series through Amor Deus Publishing titled “The Curious Little Catholic.” The Curious Little Catholic Series simplifies answering theological questions for the youngest of Catholics. There are currently two books available for purchase: “What is the Eucharist?” and “What is a Sacrament?” – There will also be a third book available within the next few months: “What is a Vocation?” These books have been beautifully illustrated by my mother, Nancy. We have also been blessed to have Cardinal Burke review and edit these books.

To learn more or purchase online, please visit the website:

Each book costs $14.95 + 3.99 Shipping (or $36.88 for both books) when purchased directly through the publisher Amor Deus.

Whether or not you are interested in purchasing, please consider spreading the word about this book series! 

We truly hope and pray that these books will bring spiritual nourishment to the youngest of children and families alike!


For anyone interested in spreading the word, there is a promotion tab on the website or you can e-mail me directly for the PDF flyer!

Thank you so much for your interest and support!



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6 thoughts on “It’s a…! (series!)

  1. Hey! OK- so I’m just loving this. I’ve now reviewed the book several times and I’m ready to write a review for the website/publicity if you still want me to! Anything particular you would like me to touch on? Also I have a list of about a dozen large churches that I think we should reach out to (or let me do it!) and suggest the Eucharist book as a First Holy Communion Gift. What do you think? Let me know!!!! I don’t want to reach out to people without your permission but I’m ready to go when you are, sister! kel

  2. Hi there, congrats on your books, they look amazing! I’m so intrigued…I want to buy both for a family who is entering the Church at Easter. Before I make my purchase, I was hoping to see a page or two of the inside as an example of the text and illustrations. I looked on the books’ website, but didn’t see something like this. That would be my friendly suggestion! Peace and blessings.

    • Hi Lauren!
      Yes, I’ve been trying to work with the publisher on getting some shots of the inside of the books. Hopefully I’ll have them up soon!

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