An Advent Reflection

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This comes courtesy of Magnifcat. I found this meditation profoundly moving, and I hope you do too.  May we embrace our deserts (and find them amidst the chaos) this Advent as we prepare our hearts for the blessed day to celebrate Christ’s birth! That day which is truly a great reminder of just how much we are loved.


In the Desert

by Servant of God Madeleine Delbrel
When you are in love
you like being together
and when you are together
you like to talk to each other.
When you are in love, it’s tedious
to have a lot of people around you.
When you are in love
you want to listen to your beloved alone,
without the irritating background
of other people’s voices.
This is why those who love God
have always loved the desert
and why it has been impossible for God
to with hold it from those who love him.
And I am sure, O my God,
that you love me,
and that this life of mine
cluttered as it is with so much,
hemmed in with family,
friends and other people,
cannot be kept empty of deserts
where I may meet you.
It is never possible to reach a desert
without passing through many things,
without the tedium of a long journey,
without having to tear our eyes
from their normal constant horizon.
Deserts, like wars, have to be won,
they do not lightly surrender…
Whenever we find ourselves eagerly waiting
for someone to come or something to happen
we will notice the sign of a desert.
But our deserts have rugged defenses:
our impatience,
our wandering daydreams,
our torpid lethargy
with a watchful eye for some distraction.
For we are so build that we cannot
prefer you without a battle;
and we cannot avoid constantly
weighing you, our Beloved,
against this particular fad or fascination
or that corrosive obsession with various trivia.
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