The Mass Box!

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You all are going to love this! There is a new product out their for all you Catholic Mamas who don’t have the time but really, really would love to do crafts with the kids that follow the liturgical year.

I know over here I never remember to get the right supplies and it’s usually so last minute, and someone has an accident.. and oh well.. guess we won’t be doing that feast day craft anymore!

Fear not!

The Mass Box to the rescue!311a69f68e6548d28e37025a67a86365-2

For a fair rate of only $16 per month, you receive a box loaded with craft supplies, templates, coloring pages AND a Magnifikid for each Sunday in that month! All delivered to your doorstep. (Maybe you don’t have room in the budget for a subscription…well guess what? They have gift subscriptions available, so let Grandma & Grandpa know what would really be awesome to get their grandkids for Christmas!)

If you can open the box, and put on the free weekly webisode “Catholic Crafts with Clare” then you are good to go! That’s as much work as it will take to add in some extra catechetical enrichment in your kids’ lives.

A butterfly symbolizing transformation, after Jesus reminds us all to cast the first stone!

A butterfly symbolizing transformation, after Jesus reminds us all to cast the first stone!

It really is that easy! (Click here to watch their brief intro video)

Over here we got to test run the Lenten Mass Box subscription and it has been so awesome. I can’t tell you how relieved I was to get that box, and essentially lesson plans that had already been done for me. The kids eagerly anticipated each new webisode of ‘Catholic Crafts with Clare’ (she is such a cutie pie!) to see simple how to steps for their craft, which of course, corresponded with the Sunday Gospel. family-tree-clare-holding-up-with-logos

It is a fantastic way to prepare your little ones for Sunday Mass and a help to those of us who may not have the time to prepare 52 weeks worth of crafts in time!

Our box came with felt, glue, googly eyes, templates, tissue paper, construction paper, beeswax candles, popsicle sticks, paints and all the instructions for the months worth of crafts. Also included was a corresponding Magnifikid for each Sunday! Easy peasy!

I really encourage you to check out their site, and most importantly spread the word far and wide about this phenomenal company. This busy homeschool mama is certainly giving them 2 thumbs up! (And a big toe, too. If I could! Woo hoo!)



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