50 Ways to Spread Joy – not Fear

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The JOY of the LORD is our strength!

In case you haven’t noticed lately, there’s a battle raging. It’s a war to end all wars and you are caught in the cross fire.  For those of you who have looked beyond the temporal panic of these times you know what I am talking about. There is something much deeper, much more spiritual at work right now than the Coronavirus.

Look, the devil cannot get faithful followers of Christ to commit horrific sins with ease, but what he certainly can do is get them to stop praying. And that’s exactly what he’s after right now– silencing the conversation between God and his people by suffocating them with fear.

Yes, there is much to be concerned about right now. But what’s most pertinent is what we are doing with all of the information. Are we glued to the news and restless in anxiety, or are we falling to our knees and redoubling our prayer efforts? We are human. We are limited. We are created creatures. We have absolutely no control, until we submit to HIS WILL BE DONE- He who is creator. Then, our burdens are light– because we only have one way to proceed- in TOTAL PEACE and surrender that someone greater than all of our efforts is in complete control of the situation.

If we have been so blessed with the wisdom of our faith we must remain in trust that He will protect us. He knows that we have been in it for the long haul with Him. So we remain in the “arks” of our homes and we know that after this is over we will once again see the rainbow of His promise of Mercy. Does not the word of God explicitly say in Psalm 91,

“Those who cling to me I will deliver them”

Cling. To. Him. CLING.

Let’s let God worry about the apex, the flatlines, the shortages, the furloughs, the pandemic, the suffering. It is beyond our control.

What IS in our control is if we use this time adequately  to increase our prayer life and think one thing only,

“How can I help others remain joyful? How can I spread joy?”

My goodness! Then how truly easy and light our burden becomes! Let’s use our energies  to reject the fear that traps us, get creative and instead think of who can we love more and spread joy to today?

Here are 50 easy ways to spread more joy while being quarantined!

To Your  Neighbors:

  • Pick flowers and ring/run leaving nosegays on their doorsteps with a note ‘Some sunshine for your kitchen’
  • Draw pictures of rainbows, God’s sign of his promise of protection, with the words
    “Jesus, We Trust in You” underneath
  • Distribute the rainbow pictures to mailboxes and doorsteps
  • Make and send “I’m thinking about you” cards to someone who is quarantined all alone
  • Make a list of neighbors or friends who would love a phone call, just to chat. Work your way down the list each week.
  • Offer to coordinate grocery delivery for elderly in your church or community via telephone
  • Send an email to a lonely neighbor with an uplifting scripture verse
  • Make spiritual bouquet cards and drop off at neighbors homes
  • Put on some music outside on the front lawn and do a free YMCA dance party for the block
  • If you have talents, share it! Play a live concert on your front lawn for the neighborhood, sing an opera on your back deck, juggle on the driveway for passing walkers, set up a chair on your driveway and offer to tell a joke to passerbyers.
  • Make people laugh! Send a funny video to friends and neighbors via text
  • Decorate your car with signs “Keep Your Chin Up!” “God love You!”, turn up the music loud and drive around the neighborhood honking and waving.
  • Decorate your house! Christmas lights? Giant tissue paper rainbows? How about a different uplifting scripture verse each week?

To Loved Ones:

  • Call a family member you haven’t spoken to in a while
  • Do a Zoom family dance party
  • Pray as a family over Zoom!
  • Send flowers to loved ones
  • Drive to family members houses and sit in your car and ‘visit’ from the road
  • Do a drive by parade, with karaoke music blasting
  • Write a family poem together, send it around on email until it is done
  • Come up with family challenges to meet each day.
  • Offer to do yard work at a loved one’s home
  • Be more intentional. Send emails, write letters, tell the people in your life why you love them.
  • Sit on the floor more with your kids and just play blocks
  • Surprise your spouse with a candlelight dinner after the kids are in bed
  • Bake new recipes together! Even better, look up “World War II Ration Recipes” and try your hand at vintage, simple recipes
  • Go for a driving scavenger hunt
  • Make funny family videos
  • Chin Puppets!
  • Create a new board game
  • Compile your digital photos into photobooks
  • Family Hike
  • Family Bob Ross painting challenge
  • Play Bird Watch bingo

To Yourself:

  • Plant seeds in a garden
  • Learn a language
  • Cloud watch
  • Dance in your kitchen more
  • Write a letter to your future self
  • Read out loud
  • Re-watch your favorite childhood movies
  • Write down a set prayer routine, and stick to it
  • Clean out your closet
  • Look through photo albums
  • Paint something. Anything. A piece of wood, your garage walls, rocks in your garden.
  • Take a bubble bath
  • Try watching no news for 3 days
  • Donate old clothing and shoes
  • Talk a walk by yourself
  • Make a gratitude list

Hey, we all know the final chapter in the Bible. We know how it all ends. We got the cheat sheet. Heads up- Christ conquers! Christ delivers! Christ protects!

Don’t waste this time before us, spread joy… spread it more than the fear! Remember: we are the Easter people and victory is our song!

:+:Have a blessed Holy Week :+:


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