Review: Jane Eyre

Author: Charlotte Bronte

The Gist: An emotional, complex tale of an orphan, who becomes a woman, not feeling worthy or deserving to be loved. Almost an exaggerated version of Cinderella but without the Prince Charming or Fairy Godmother. Instead its the older man with the crazy wife locked up in the attic. So its spiced up a tad bit.

What I liked: Oddly enough, the book was one of the most soul satisfying novels I’ve ever read. It really made me as the reader delve into my own interior and think through the feelings I had. Not to say that I felt undeserving, but the book deals with some very true feelings that we as women struggle with, like popularity, pleasing others, looking for true love, and inadequacy. The most wonderful part is how Jane emerges with such strength in the end, and she finally finds love when she learns to confidently love herself.

What I didn’t like: That looney wife in the attic was a bit freaky!

Star: 5/5

Bookmarks: Yes

Also read: Any other Bronte books

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