Review: The Blue Castle

Author: LM Montgomery

The Gist: Hands down the most interesting love story. Quite unpredictable, very complicated and delicate at the same time. The story line was so unique and refreshing. Very different from Montgomery’s other work, and I venture to claim, better. There are so many twists and perplexing scenarios, I don’t even want to venture to describe the book. I will say this: somewhat a Cinderella figure, who runs away from home to live a more exciting life. And ends up finding true love in the  most unlikely person.

What I liked: Valancy’s adventurous spirit! Her bold decisions of cutting her hair ‘gasp!’ and riding around in an automobile with one of the most brazen men in town ‘horror!’. It was a refreshing, modest escape from the typical ladylike-ness of Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables novels. Which I LOVE but reading the Blue Castle makes you admire Montgomery all the more as an author.

What I didn’t like: Her name. Really? Valancy?

Star rating: 5/5

Bookmark worthy? Yes, yes indeed.

Also read: Kilmeny of the Orchard, Jane Eyre

2 thoughts on “Review: The Blue Castle

  1. Annemarie, I love your writing! I have been just dying to read more books by L.M. Montgomery. I have read the Anne series at least a dozen times, but lately I’ve been thinking about branching out to her other works. (Also, confession- I really love Anne, and I gave Annabelle her name so I could call her Anne-with-an-e. Don’t tell Mike, he said no naming after literary figures.)

    PS: How does fish oil work for teething? Topically, or as a supplement?

    • Thanks Krista! That is so funny about Annie’s name! I love it!!!! haha. Mike and Tom sound similar, I really wanted to name one of our kids “Jane” after Jane Austen & Jane Eyre….but that got nixed…..I’ll have to be more creative about it I guess! The fish oil I give as a supplement in the evenings, my nutrionist was explaining how it helps kids calm and focus, plus it reduces inflammation, so…..since I have been using it, she’s been sleeping 12 hours straight again. I don’t know if it is specifically just the fish oil or if the teething has calmed down, but we’ve noticed a HUGE difference. Also, we’ve noticed a big leap in her learning, like she’s been counting to 10, reciting the ABC’s, answering questions in full sentences, etc….so suddenly. We are big advocates of fish oil!!! 🙂 Mother Earth has a huge variety for kids to pick from.

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