Eat, Pray, Love Movie Review

The film adaption Eat, Pray, Love based on the bestseller by Elizabeth Gilbert was far less incredible than was expected. Maybe it is the curse of reading the book first or the fact that the book was way too detailed to be contained in a film. In any case, it flopped.  And trust me, I am not just saying that. I was the last person on this good earth who would want to see it flop, but sadly, flop it did.

The book is just too juicy, with too many vivid descriptions and detailes pouring into every character that it would be impossible to contain it within a decent time limitation. The movie itself was 2 1/2 hours and still, it zoomed through everything so quickly, it was hard (viewing it objectively) to grasp the deep, deep emotion that threaded through the entire book.

Camera guy was often confused, “wait, who’s that?” and “wait so what happened?” (this coming from a man viewing a chick flick. yes. it was not him, it was definitely the adaption)

I’m saddened because I feel overall, Liz was portrayed mostly as this depressive mess of gloom.  Which made the scene, “You’re our Miss Suzy Cream Cheese” completely odd unless the viewer had read the book for which we come to know Liz to be a bubbly, vivacious, chatterbox when not normally going through a divorce. But because the movie scoots right to the messy details and progresses from thence with no background on who this person of Liz is, we assume she’s always moody and emotional.

Overall, I have to rate the movie poorly. The book is a fantastic memoir of self-discovery, forgiveness, and trust. The movie falls way too short in capturing all that Liz found on her journey and instead leaves you feeling as if you viewed a quick slideshow on Italy, Bali, and India.

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