In My Opinion

Fiber One Toaster Pastries –  The commercials are true! Where the heck is the fiber in this delectable sugary snack? They taste exactly the same as Pop Tarts (maybe because they’re made by the same company, Kelloggs) I am so impressed. It’s almost dangerous though, how good they taste. Because then you forget they’ve 5% your daily value of fiber and you start wolfing them down…and before you know it you’re begging for mercy in the bathroom. So I give these suckers a definite yes, but eat them in moderation.

Define A Lash– This is the BEST mascara I have ever tried! The unique bristles on the wand make for perfectly coated long lashes every time… seriously! No clumps, no globby mascara that you have to wipe off before applying.. perfect distribution. I am seriously impressed by this product. And for only $3.00 a pop, you can’t beat it! Maybe it’s because it’s Maybelline. J

Stonyfield Organic Whole Milk– The most amazing milk in the world. Easily. And I’ve tried a lot of milk. It a win/win situation with this stuff… no added hormones, completely organic and tastes like half & half coming out of the jug. Heaven. Add some Oreos and you’ve entered a paradise your taste buds could never even fathom.

Oreos– The best cookies on the planet. And they ARE America’s favorite cookie, I don’t know what lunatic sued Nabisco & had them change the slogan to “Milk’s favorite cookie”. How can you resist the crunchy chocolate cookie with just enough cream in the middle to make your senses go wild with love.  They’re classic in my opinion. A definite must have.

Adidas Cotton Technology Deodorant– The name says it all. No aluminum in this stuff! Coty actually uses ‘cotton technology’ instead… very chic. This is the only deodorant I have found to work, to actually live up to its promise and last 12 hours. Plus it smells fantastic (is there any one out there who doesn’t like the scents Adidas has put out?) And you’re not running the risks of developing any weird cancers from all that Aluminum. Very cool.

Mallomars– Wow. I’m just really surprised. I can’t believe I’ve never had one of these babies before.  I mean I definitely knew about them, because Gram always kept her “stash” hidden in the kitchen drawer….and part of me was thinking if she’s 90, still kickin’ and eating smuggled mallomars regularly…they can’t be all that bad for you. And so, I’m actually pleasantly surprised. I turned the box over, holding my breath for all the “partially hydrogenated oils” to come screaming at me…but they weren’t there! Just chocolate, flour, marshmallows…and some high fructose corn syrup. But I can let that slide because its such a small amount. Really, I expected much worse. So, cheers for marshmallows dipped in chocolate and Moms who need a 3pm sugar rush!

EO Hand Soap, Peppermint & Tea Tree– All I have to do is tell you ladies out there to wash your hands with this, then look at your diamond ring.  It pretty much turns into a mini-disco ball from all the essential oils that are in this soap. I seriously could care less that its organic, smells great, or is very affordable. It dazzles my diamond every time I wash up!

American Eagle Artist Jeans– Be careful! I think they are discontinuing them, not sure. But, they are the comfiest jeans ever! I have always had a pair of AE jeans as my staple jeans especially in the lighter wash. Intially I was stuck on the “Boyfriend” jeans but I’ll never go back since I’ve bought the Artist! They are classic, comfy and totally worth every penny for the durability.  My last pair of AE jeans lasted me 5 years!

Snappea Crisps– So delicious! So nutrious! The kids love them! I love them! Ooo yay for dehydrated peas, which may sound gross but they are actually super tasty. I find them in the produce section right next to all the croutons. They dissolve easily so its a good snack for the babies. And for those of you who hate eating veggies, like me, well… it’s a good way to get them in without a struggle.

Paul Mitchell Super Skinny– For your hair. Smells like watermelons, feels like silk. You will love the way your hair feels. Rub it in and blow dry, then admire yourself for the first time with actual hair. I almost jumped out of the salon seat and hugged my stylist merciless for hours when she put this in my hair. I didn’t know I was capable of such soft tresses! Worth the splurge.


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