Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Review

A funny snapshot into the life of a kid entering middle school. Surrounded by hilarious anecdotes typical of peer pressure (how to fit in, what to wear, what to say, definitely what not to say, ie: “Hey! Want to come over and play today?”) It was a humorous prance through the oh-so-awkward stage in just about everyone’s life.  The lead character, Greg, was strikingly reminiscent of  The Wonder Years’ Kevin. Your adorable sweetheart of a child trying on some tough-skinned shoes, determined to leave a mark at his new middle school.  No matter what the cost, even friendship, Greg is bent on being popular. Of course in the end, values win and selling out your friends for a popularity contest leave Greg realizing that middle school isn’t the rest of his life. Done in a clean, family-oriented manner, this movie was an easy laugh on a Friday night.

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