Review: Bernadette

This film was the most accurate portrayal of the story of Our Lady of Lourdes that I’ve yet seen.  It’s in color, which made it more interesting, and in a way, less dramatic than the older film “The Song of Bernadette” starring Jennifer Jones.  Much less polished actors gave way to a ruggedness, and almost real aspect of the tale. I felt that the actress that played Bernadette in this film was much more believable and emotional than in the Hollywood version. A big thumbs down was that the audio track was not matched correctly with the film, so in some parts, it’s quite obviously delayed.  But overall, the scenery and beauty of the whole film was wonderful.  My favorite part is that in no way do we as the viewers ever “see” the Blessed Mother, we are always looking only at Bernadette’s face. I felt this was vital to the incredible holiness of the Marian apparition. Somehow, in the other films, where the Blessed Mother is played by an actress, I feel like you loose the wonder and overwhelming joy that the visionary experienced solely because how could a human possibly hold the same  amazement (or even close) as the Blessed Mother?  Overall, I would definitely want this one on my shelf. A great film.

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