Review: Bridget Jones’ Diary

What can I say? It’s definitely a chick flick, but it’s ruthless truthfulness is what separates this one from the rest.  Gotta love Renee Zellweger for putting on the brash, bold and refreshingly accurate portrayal of the single woman struggling to find love and the hysterical happenings that ensue from her dilemmas.  A major let down is the “R” rating for language & content, of which I must defend myself, I watched the film on ClearPlay, so I was graced enough to see this movie without the trash that is apparently in it. For that, I must  state my major disappointment. Clearly, the film did not need whatever is in it , because without it, I thought it was a funny, fantastic,  and a joyfully Jane Austen dripping flick. Colin Firth plays the ever handsome Marc Darcy (if that isn’t obvious enough) and Hugh Grant, good at his normal role of the jerky boyfriend. My absolute favorite part of the movie is the narration, CG and I have both found that narrated movies ala “Father of the Bride” lend to the heartiest of laughs. There is just something so real about hearing the “thoughts” of the character that makes it all more easy to relate to. Overall, I can’t recommend it with a clear conscious, unless you have a ClearPlay DVD player.

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