Review: Dinner for Schmucks

Starring Steve Carell, this movie we only rented because of him. We like him so much in The Office, Evan Almighty, Anchorman, Get Smart & Despicable Me that we couldn’t resist just seeing how he was in this movie.  The plot absolutely stunk.  The tale of a business man working his way up in the office but having to bring an “idiot” to dinner with his boss to gain that sought after higher position…was just stupid.  Carell was of course funny, but you just end up actually feeling guilty just laughing at anything. The whole movie is spent making fun of “idiots” and granted the writers attempted to redeem themselves at the end with a sappy apology theme…it was just really ridiculous. We hardly laughed and there was too much crude humor that we skimmed through the majority of it.  Overall, a waste of a perfectly good RedBox promo code.

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