Review: Mr. Magorium

This movie was hands down my favorite movie that I have yet to see this year! Whimsical and bright, with a clever story line, this movie was refreshing to watch. I give two thumbs up to the writers for developing such a creative plot, to what seemed to me as unpredictable and unique. Dustin Hoffman’s performance as the magical toy store owner, Mr. Magorium is absolutely enchanting! I wasn’t expecting much when I sat down to watch this movie, I half expected it to be  your usual kids movie. Instead I was completely charmed by the characters and story. This film perfectly captured the magic of childhood. I don’t know how they did it, but they visually made the  imaginative , hopeful and joyful  side of being a kid come alive on the screen.  The colors, the dialogue, the music, (oh the music was lovely!) I was really amazed at how much my heart felt a deep “I remember” in watching the events unfold. If you want to feel closer to a time that’s escaped your senses, watch this film and try not to smile!

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