Review: Unprotected

I can’t stress enough how important of a read this book is, especially if you have children! It is written by a campus Psychiatrist from UCLA on how the political correctness of society is making our children, literally, sick.  Dr. Laura praises it, “This book is an absolute must, if you have any kids whatsoever, you HAVE to read this book.”


It’s so urgent and shocking, you’ll be able to read it cover to cover in a day. Not even kidding! I am going to include the back cover descriptions. “A courageous therapist blows the whistle on her own profession. Our campuses are steeped in political correctness- that’s hardly news to anyone. But no one realizes that a radical social agenda has also taken over campus health and counseling centers, with dire consequences. Miriam Grosman knows this better than anyone. She has treated more than 2,000 students at one of America’s most prestigious universities and she seen how the anything-goes, women-are-just-like-men , “safer-sex” agenda is actually making our sons and daughters sick”


This book is incredible, I quote from Dr. Grossman

, ” My argument is simple… If someone is my patient, I’m responsible for her… ALL of her. Who says I should worry about alcoholic binges but not hookups? What, her liver is more important that her fallopian tubes? I’m going to discourage certain behaviors, my colleagues will say? You bet I am! The real question is: how can I not? So I am speaking out because I have to. How sad, that in the midst of those flying the banner of tolerance and multiculturalism, I should hesitate. How scandalous that the very profession we trust to guide and heal is sowing confusion and illness.”


and just a couple more quotes:


“Unprotected tells the stories of college students who are casualties of the radical activism in my profession. These are students who turned to me for help i the midst of a crisis. They often wept, and unknown to them, I often wept with them. Their dramas were disturbing and unforgettable……my patients were hurting and they looked to me, and what could I do? My hands were tied! I see many patients who endanger their health-sometimes their lives- through high risk behavior. But I’m just supposed to say, “Make sure you’re protected.” Protected?! Who am I kidding? Stacey thought she was protected, and so did Heather…now they are paying the price!”

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