Review: When in Rome

This film was cute. To choose one word. Sure it was your predictable chick flick but it had something that I liked a little better. Jon Heder.  It was his scenes in this movie that made me split my side laughing, as the emo artist who falls under the love spell of the blonde curator (Kristen Bell). I wouldn’t give this film five stars, because there were a couple of scenes that were too risque for my taste but overall it was a nice break from your dumbed down romantic comedies. The scenes in Rome were nice and Josh Duhamel isn’t too bad to watch on screen 🙂 In the end, what I enjoyed most was Jon Heder’s role and the cameo of “Pedro” throughout the movie. Clever. And quite entertaining.

One thought on “Review: When in Rome

  1. Luke and I watched “When in Rome” in the hospital while I was being induced. Not sure why on earth I chose *that* to mark our last hours of quality time pre-baby, but now I’ll definitely never forget it either….

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