Review:The Other Guys

Starring my personal favorite, Will Ferrell, this  mock-cop flick was loaded with laughs on a fairly inoffensive level. Normally, CG and I are skeptical when it comes to comedies starring Ferrell. We like him on SNL and in movies like Elf, and hugely loved him in Stranger than Fiction and Talledega Nights. The “R” rating is a total turn off, but given this movie’s “PG-13” rating we looked up the review and decided to give a a shot, no pun intended.  There was one scene we skipped over just because it seemed to be heading the wrong direction, but overall, we couldn’t stop laughing at the police captain played by Michael Keaton who works nights at Bed, Bath & Beyond and is inadvertently quoting TLC the whole movie. Or at Will Ferrell who is a classic “desk cop” and takes ridicule for never being on the road, and gets his gun taken away for a wooden one, and eventually a whistle.  Ferrell’s big & happy manner  matched with the constantly scowling Wahlberg was reminiscent of Moe  and Curly Howard. The two just balanced out for a really, laugh out loud roles.  The storyline was basic, but it was the one-liners and jokes that really made it work.

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