Chin Puppet Theater

Do you ever find yourself with nothing to do? Maybe you’re stuck inside on a rainy day, or maybe you can’t think of anything fun to do with your friends. Well, here is a fix for your blues. Chin puppets are easy to do and are rip roaring fun! All you need is a buddy, some flat sheets, and some of your Mom’s makeup (with her permission, of course!).


  • 2 flat sheets
  • Your buddy’s chin
  • Eye pencil
  • Lipstick

Optional Materials:

  • Dolls
  • Music
  • Camera


1. Have your buddy lay on her back on the floor. She should be looking at the ceiling. Make sure her arms are at her side.

2. Cover her with the first sheet so that only her head is showing. Don’t wrap her like a mummy; just drape the sheet so she is covered from the shoulders down.

3. Picturing the bottom of your buddy’s chin as the top of a puppet’s head, use the eye pencil to draw a face. Eyes, eyelashes, eyebrows, and a nose are good. Your buddy’s mouth will be the puppet’s mouth. You should start to see how funny the puppet is already. Make sure your buddy isn’t giggling while you are drawing!

4. Put lipstick on your buddy’s lips if her puppet is a girl. Otherwise, use the lipstick to make rosy cheeks. Get creative with the face.

5. Using the second flat sheet, loosely cover your buddy’s head, leaving only her mouth and chin visible. Gently tuck the sheet to cover her ears. It is always good to have adult supervision, too!

6. If you wish, you can use the hair of a doll for chin puppet hair! Lay the doll on your buddy’s chest (under the sheet) and pull some hair out to cover the top of her chin.  You can find other things around your house to use as silly props. Be sure to turn on music for your buddy’s chin puppet to sing to.

7. Sit back, relax and enjoy chin puppet theater! You’ll be rolling in laughter at the funny faces the chin puppets make! Remember, with chin puppets, the bigger the expressions your buddy makes, the funnier the puppets are. Take some pictures to capture the memory, and invite your parents and siblings to join in on the fun. Grab some popcorn, turn on some music, and enjoy!

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