Mrs. Winkle & the Pinkle

Everybody knew today was the day. Molly Banks had seen Mrs. Winkle putting it into her car since she lived next door. Of course, Molly didn’t exactly see it- but she saw the big, red box it was in. Molly wasted no time in warning her classmates on the bus.

“Today is the day! I saw it! Mrs. Winkle is bringing the Pinkle to school.”

Most of Mrs. Winkle’s second grade class couldn’t believe the day had finally come. They had heard from older students that if Mrs. Winkle needed to give the class some motivation to finish their work, she would end up bringing the Pinkle into school. The only problem was, nobody knew what the Pinkle was! The class spent the remainder of the bus ride nervously

guessing at what the Pinkle could be. Some said it was a machine, others said it was a food and still others thought it might be completely made up.

Lola Berson’s eyes welled up with tears, “I hope the Pinkle isn’t scary!”  Lola was the class crybaby, she was afraid of everything. It didn’t help when Titus Norglebee shot his hand up in the air announcing that he knew what the Pinkle was. Everybody knew Titus was the smartest kid in the whole second grade. His dad worked at the White House!

“The Pinkle is a small animal that can sit on the edge of Mrs. Winkle’s desk. It is a pink color and it will eat your homework if your handwriting is too sloppy. I saw one at the zoo last year. The Pinkle also has a very strong sense of smell and can smell if you didn’t do your schoolwork right too. Then you’ll have to do it all over again.”

Lola began to sob. “My handwriting is always sloppy! I knew I should practice more!”

“Oh stop it,” said Molly, rolling her eyes. “The Pinkle is probably completely made up. I’ll bet Mrs. Winkle is just playing games with us.”

Curtis Longworth stood up in his seat,

“I heard my big sister talking about the Pinkle, I’m almost certain I know what it is.” Everyone turned to listen to Curtis. “The Pinkle is an alarm device which Mrs. Winkle will place up in the ceiling, where we can’t see it. It can tell if one of us isn’t paying attention in class. Then, the alarm will go off  and a spotlight will shine on the kid who wasn’t listening.”

Curtis crossed his arms across his chest and smugly sat back down. Lola’s lip began to quiver. For the rest of the bus ride, all Mrs. Winkle’s class could do was wonder.

When they got to the classroom, the students sat nervously waiting for Mrs. Winkle to come in. No one said a word, they didn’t want to. Suddenly, the door slowly pushed open and Mrs. Winkle appeared holding a big, red box, just as Molly had said.

“Good morning class.” Said Mrs. Winkle as she squinted through her glasses. The class was so nervous; they didn’t even say anything they just watched with wide eyes as the red box was placed on Mrs. Winkle’s desk. Mrs. Winkle squeaked up in front of the blackboard and clasped her hands together.

“Class, today I have brought something with me, which you have heard me talk about. Now, I don’t bring the Pinkle into my classroom unless it is absolutely necessary but it seems to be that with the way our efforts in schoolwork have been lately, it was time to bring in the Pinkle.”

Lola looked about as stiff as her two braids, Curtis still had his arms crossed as Mrs. Winkle reached inside the big, red, box. The class held their breath. Then they watched in awe as she lifted out a large pink cookie jar and placed it on her desk.

“This is the Pinkle” Mrs. Winkle announced to the stunned room. “I think it will do just the trick to help us all work a little harder”

Molly looked confused,  “A cookie jar? Is that really what the Pinkle is? You mean its not an alarm device?”

“Or an animal?” Lola quipped.

Mrs. Winkle chuckled,

“Goodness, no! The Pinkle is the name of my candy jar. See?” She took the lid off the jar and showed the class all the colorful candy that was inside. “The idea is, that each time you complete more than you were asked to do, say you read an extra book or hand in your homework early, you get to reach inside the Pinkle and choose a piece of candy.”

The whole class seemed to widen their eyes together and immediately chatter excitedly. What amazing news this was! The Pinkle was not going to eat their homework, it was not going to sound an alarm, but it was still going to help the class work harder!

“I knew it wasn’t scary” Lola whispered to Molly as she began thinking of some books she was going to start reading.  Molly agreed.

“I can’t believe we all fell for those silly ideas of what the Pinkle was, our imaginations really made the Pinkle out to be more than it is! Next time we should remember things aren’t always as scary as our imaginations can make it seem!”

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