Pillow Talk

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Camera Guy and I were chatting a few nights ago. Our conversation started somewhere with frozen gas station hamburgers and ended with dreaming of one day stepping inside of a Wegman’s grocery store. Sometimes I’m really blown away by the intellectual depth our conversations have.

We were reminiscing about our anniversary, getting married, dating, etc. When all of a sudden, after a brief lull in the chat, Camera Guy surmises:

“Yep, if I never got married I’d probably still be painting walls as a maintenance man….and eating those

frozen hamburgers from the CoGo next to the church..”

I was nodding along with the painting part, but frozen gas station hamburgers? What?

“Oh yeah,” he went on, “They were the best! You’d pop ’em in the microwave to heat the up, but then they’d charge you an extra fifteen cents because then it’s prepared food…”

“Wait, you’re telling me you used to eat, regularly, frozen beef from a gas station which you then microwaved and paid more for…and this tasted good? And did not strike you as gross at all?”

“Well now that I think about it, that probably is kind of nasty..”

“I thought you told me if we never got married, you’d be in the army or something?”

“Yeah, either way, army or frozen gas station burgers, I would have been living a high risk bachelor life.”

“Wow.” Then of course, to complete the puzzle, we had to think of where I’d be if not on this path.

“Most likely in the library. With frizzy hair. I’d probably be like Mary in “It’s A Wonderful Life” as she is without George in the picture. Mousy, with the kerchief on her head, working in the library with big glasses on. I’d probably have cats. I’d turn into the cat lady eventually.”

What an conversation it was! We ended the night laughing, and grateful. (We were still laughing the next morning, ‘really?? you really ate those burgers?”) I was grateful for having a reason to do my hair and for learning that cats are not friends. He was grateful for settling down with a desk job and for never buying an entree from a gas station again. And we were both grateful that there are still so many more funny stories to learn about each other!

A snapshot

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Well, today is Camera Guy’s birthday. I don’t want to seem silly but truly, I think the world of my guy! He just makes my cup runneth over!

Hey, if I ever needed an excuse to gush, let his birthday be it 🙂

How to describe him in a nutshell, in a brief blog post giving him due honor and gratitude to sharing his life & love with me? Well here goes:

The most self-giving person= letting me eat the last chips in the bag, even though he wants them

A true man of patience= not flinching when I pluck his eyebrows

A curious soul= for googling the history of everything right down to pleated pants

The diplomat= for being able to take my frazzled schedules and organize everything into color coated to-do lists

A hard worker= for commuting to NYC for work each day

A perfectionist= for tweaking almost anything crafty I do if it is crooked.

A man of good taste= for consistently "doctoring" up my food when I’m not looking

A relaxed person
= so relaxed, he can’t even open the hamper to put his clothes in, he just piles them on top

A funny man
= for the thousands of times he quotes Aladdin, or acts like Michael Scott (without even realizing it)

The romantic
= for leaving notes on the mirror or in coat pockets

A gentleman= for insisting on carrying every diaper bag and child when we’re out

A forgetful one= for always asking me where his GPS, car keys, Blackberry or anything else I hardly use is.

So well intentioned of a guy
= for suggesting he get up with the kids in the middle of the night, quite enthusiastically. And attempting to do so makes him a

Brave guy= for truly trying to get the team back to sleep until he is

A humble man= for crawling back to bed and surrendering (in shock)

All in all, he is a truly great man, an honorable person to be with, a true example to me of so many virtues I fall short of. I can’t think of a better friend, companion or soul mate then he. On this his birthday, I thank his parents for raising such an incredible person and for sharing him with me. Hey Camera Guy, Happy Birthday! You’re another year older but you’ve got a new year ahead of you to grow holier, happier, and hopefully get more sleep!

*Of course, this post was submitted a week after his birthday. It wouldn’t be from me if it wasn’t late! Ha.*